Trigger Point Therapy

What is a Trigger Point?

A “trigger point” is a specific location on the body that is tight and painful to the touch. It is located within muscle tissue and can cause pain in other nearby parts of the body. For example, if you suffer from a trigger point in your back, it may produce referral pain in your neck. This new satellite trigger point can, in return, cause pain in the head. The pain caused by a trigger point could be sharp and intense, or simply a dull ache.

What is Trigger Point Massage Therapy?

Trigger Point Therapy is a therapy that has been specifically designed to alleviate the main source of the pain. This is accomplished through cycles of isolated pressure and release that target the trigger point. Trigger point release therapy actively involves the recipient who participates through deep breathing and identifying the exact location of the trigger point by feeling for pain and discomfort.

During a trigger point performance therapy session, the therapist will have the patient lie down in a position that is both comfortable for the patient and easy for the therapist to work. The therapist will then canvass the body to locate the exact location of the trigger point. Once the trigger point has been located, the therapist will use different finger techniques to apply varying pressure on and around the trigger points. This will break down the build-up of the knot which is causing the pain. This direct pressure will be uncomfortable initially. However after a specified number of sessions the entire trigger point will be deactivated.

Are There Benefits of Trigger Point Massage Therapy?

There are many benefits to undergoing trigger point therapy. This special therapy will release any constricted areas in your muscles and, in return, alleviate your pain. You are likely to experience a significant decrease in pain after a single treatment! When you undergo trigger point therapy on a regular basis, it is shown to help your body naturally manage chronic stress and pain.

One of the biggest advantages of trigger point therapy compared with other massage therapies is that it identifies and works on very specific points of the body. By focusing on these specific locations where the pain occurs, you can receive the best method for treating the pain.

What Happens After Therapy?

Once your trigger points have been effectively treated and removed, it is important that you remain hydrated. When the therapist works to break down the trigger point, it causes all of the toxins that have built up in the affected areas to release into the blood stream. When you are not proper hydrated, the toxins can make you sick. By drinking plenty of water you force the toxins to wash out of your blood stream in a much shorter period of time. This will allow you to continue to live your life free of trigger point pain and toxins. Many therapists also recommend taking an Epsom salt bath which will also assist with removing toxins and reduce muscle soreness.

Does Active Bodywork Offer Trigger Point Massage Therapy?

The team at Active Bodywork is proud to offer clients National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB) certification as well as 20 years of experience. This gives us the training, knowledge and skill we need to identify your individual pain points and provide you with the right type of massage therapy.

Active Bodywork is proud to offer a wide range of massage therapy services, each one completely tailored to meet the client’s individual needs. Our wide range of sport massage services includes:

 • Active Release Therapy

 • Trigger Point Therapy

 • Deep Tissue Massage

 • Myofascial Release

 • Sports Massage

 • Structural Integration

 • Injury Treatment

 • Pregnancy Massage

Active Bodywork will help you maximize movement by teaching you to work with your body. This will help restore mobility through a specialized and concentrated massage, bodywork or other treatment. Each client typically finds that their movement is restored and they are pain free after therapy with Active Bodywork. We believe in improving the quality of life of our clients, and strive to discover the source of your pain and fix it. When you want to live life to the fullest, turn to the team at Active Bodywork for help.