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Todd Neider, OWNER
Manual Therapist

As an athlete Todd learned of the good, the bad, and the ugly behind sports. Todd is continuously learning and developing his athletic skills. Massage Therapy was first introduced to Todd from the suffering of various sports related injuries. Massage Therapy gave Todd the opportunity of continuing his athletic life style. Additionally it introduced Todd to what soon would become his career choice. Todd graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2005, and in 2008 he joined the team of professionals and started his practice. For many years Todd has been certified as a “full body” Active Release Technique (ART) Provider. He is also a Master ART provider. He has additionally become certified in Rock Tape, AIM, RB, NKT, SFMA, MC. This and the combination of Todd’s great customer service knowledge and Business Management experience has opened the doors to a lifelong career. As a athlete Todd was an avid Baseball and Football player. Currently Todd is a Triathlete, half Marathon runner, and a 100 mile Bike Race rider. His long lasting love for sports has been supported by his access to Massage Therapy.



Certified- National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork 

SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) 

NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) Bowen Therapy 

RB(Restorative Breathing AIM / Anatomy in Motion Gait Assessment Fascial Movement Taping - Rock Tape Active Release Technique 

FULL BODY Certified (Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, and Spine  Active Release Technique 



Half Marathons Marathons Olympic Distance 

Triathlons Half Ironman Distance 

Triathlons Full Ironman Century Bike Rides 
Sandra Cruces, CMT
Manual Therapist

Sandra graduated from Carrington College, California completing studies in Massage therapy in 2012

Sandra successfully completed 621 hours of massage therapy during her program. Her specialties include Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, deep tissue, sports massage and prenatal massage.

Sandra loves meeting new clients and working with them to improve their health.

Natasha Skidmore, CMT, NMT, RT, GT
Manual Therapist


Certified Massage Therapist,  

Neuromuscular Therapist (NMT) Fascial Movement Taping (RT) Graston Technique (GT).

Natasha’s driven personality for a healthy, active lifestyle is exactly why she joined the Active Bodywork team. She believes fitness, diet, and rehabilitation are the key to a long life. As an athlete Natasha understands the physical demands and long hours it takes to become a better competitor. She works year around with her competition-prep coach in pursuits to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in school and working. As a full-time honors student, she’s working diligently to pursue her educational career toward medical school. Her foundation towards her goals lead her to graduate top of her class from National Holistic Institute studying Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapy. Active Bodywork and her large clientele keep her grounded and focused along her ambitious journey. Natasha’s clientele ranges from olympic and professional athletes, Fleet Feet Race Team, SRA Race Team, student athletes, postoperative and injury care, and weekend warriors. Natasha’s goal for all her clients are not only to keep them moving through soft tissue injuries pain free, but to keep them emotionally healthy as well. She has big plans for the company and for her future clients in sustaining a long athletic career.

Michelle Gibbons, CMT
Manual Therapist

Michelle was born and raised in Gardnerville, Nevada. Living in the Sierra Nevada mountains gave Michelle the unique opportunity to grow up hiking, snowboarding, and taking full advantage of the outdoors. She also played competitive soccer from an early age all the way up through high school. Michelle attended the University of Nevada, Reno and received her degree in Communications with a minor in Cultural Anthropology. After she graduated from UNR, she spent three years in Austin, TX, where she attended The Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage Therapy and kicked off her massage career. Michelle found her way back to the West Coast summer of 2017. She spends her free time traveling, enjoying the outdoors, and attending music festivals. Her involvement with sports introduced her to the benefits of massage, which translated into a desire to share the rewards and overall wellbeing with others.

Ruby Oates, CMT, RT,
Manual Therapist

Starting back from the days of her childhood Ruby has enjoyed participating in sports either physically or in spirit. She loves the competition and the taste of sweet victory. Soccer was always first on her list as she was a top offensive threat all the way through high school. Nowadays you can find her playing volleyball or cheering on her favorite football team, the Chicago Bears.

Ruby found a passion for helping people feel better physically as she made her way through Carrington College, graduating from the Massage Therapy program in 2012. She has worked in this field ever since, perfecting her craft and expanding her knowledge as she sees people through their physical ailments.

It was fitting that Ruby happened to discover her latest love when she stepped into a hot pilates studio for the first time. The way it made her feel after the class sparked her next journey to be a hot pilates instructor. These workouts are just another outlet Ruby uses in her quest to help everyone feel and perform at their best.

Working at Active Bodywork feels like home for Ruby, as she learns new techniques and takes on more challenging tasks in order to help clients be their best.

James Wolf, CMT
Manual Therapist

Hi, my name is James Wolf, and I am here to help!!! I pride myself in the fact that I'm not just your average Massage Therapist. I have a very particular specialization that continuously proves to show results. Do you find yourself suffering from chronic pain? My specialization uses various modalities to hone in on the core of the issue, and slowly, but surely take your pain levels down to help you feel like a human being again.

You'll be surprised how quickly we can work together to make measurable improvements and get you feeling better.

James Wolf has a signature treatment: he combines relaxing pressure-point work and gliding Swedish kneads into one soothing massage session. But James prides himself on being flexible, and he can customize his massage sessions to match each customer's unique needs. The personalized treatments can target chronic pain, injuries, stress, and a whole host of other muscle maladies.

Janice Garcia

In college, Janice received advice that she would never forget “Be of service to others.” Since then, Janice has developed a passion for health and wellness, art, and her community and being “of service” in all of those fields. She received her degree in Food & Nutrition at Sacramento State University and spent a majority of her time dancing for the Theatre & Dance department.

As a dancer in the community, Janice has a natural curiosity for the mechanics of the body and an affinity for body awareness. In the future, Janice wants to become a Dance Nutritionist and certified yoga instructor. She hopes that she can positively contribute to helping both clients and her coworkers at Active Bodywork as much as they can help her learn.

Terasita Cortopassi, CMT

Manual Therapist

Terasita has been an athlete her whole life. She’s experienced first hand the highs and lows that come with training for soccer, half & full marathons, and Tough Mudders. In 2015, Terasita came to the realization that she was meant to help others. As a result, she began instructing Hot Pilates and TRX classes at a local fitness studio. She was fulfilled for the first time in her life being able to help people become stronger and reach their goals. She was drawn to massage by chronic hip pain while training for a marathon. Seeing the difference massage made in her training program, she decided to pursue massage therapy in order to help other athletes feel and move better.

Terasita graduated with honors from the Core Program at National Holistic Institute where she studied various modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage. She continued on to their Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapy program with focus in Trigger Point Therapy.

Terasita’s vision for her clients are for them to live better, feel better, and move better in everything they do whether they are training for a big event or hiking with their families.

Fabian Hernandez, CMT, NMT
Manual Therapist

Fabian has been in the Health and Wellness industry for over 10 years. His journey started with a holistic philosophy that allowed him to help his clients develop a better relationship with their food, mobility, and mental health. After years, he noticed that his clients were losing weight, but not their pain. He then decided to move forward in helping others through massage therapy.

Through the National Holistic Institute, Fabian has become a Certified Massage therapist and completed the Advanced Neuromuscular program. He continues to use his holistic philosophy in combination with his extensive experience to help his clients continue to do what they love (or simply just need to do) to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Erin Halk, CMT
Manual Therapist

Erin believes everyone has the right to live in a pain-free body. As your therapist she will listen to you about what you are hoping to get out of your session, as well as listen to your body as to how to achieve it. With more than a decade of hands on experience and over 1000 hours of training she has a deep understanding of how to work with the body to help it regain balance and perform at an optimal level. By dropping down to a slower pace she is able to let the body release and repair without putting up defenses and damaging the tissues. The body guides its own release and you can feel the muscles relax as she works.

Pain is the way in which our body communicates with us and rather than ignoring it, or chasing symptoms - releasing only where it is currently hurting, she will look for the reason behind why those areas are activated and address the root cause so the issue resolves for good.

Erin knows the importance of feeling comfortable in your body, and feels best in hers while maintaining an active lifestyle and eating delicious healthy food. She enjoys yoga, Qi gong, hiking, disc golf, volleyball, swimming, running, occasional triathlons, and crazy living room dance parties.

Cathy De Luna Ambriz, CMT
Manual Therapist

Cathy was born and raised in Sacramento. In 2015, she graduated from National Holistic Institute with honors. She enjoys being a therapist because she knows that she helps people through massage. Her unique style employs a combination of different techniques to work within each person's comfort zone and help them feel better. Massage has helped her be more aware of and work on her own overall health. Outside of Active Bodywork she's a hard working full time student who enjoys cooking and traveling.

Cody Owens, CMT
Manual Therapist

For the past decade, Cody has been a massage therapist, practicing from Florida to California and learning various modalities and techniques. Since he played baseball and has been an avid cyclist his whole life, he understands a great deal of sports-related injuries and works hard to combine all of the techniques learned and practiced throughout the past decade to ensure results that not only leave the client feeling great, but with the knowledge that they are achieving lasting and positive results.

Cody grew up on a small farm town in South Georgia, where after many years of feeling that something was missing realized that California was that something. After a year long stint in LA packed with all sorts of fun adventures he settled down in Sacramento and has felt at home for the past three years there. He lives in Midtown and loves anything local and anything revolving around music, as he plays a variety of instruments.