Sports Massage

What is a Sports Massage Therapist?

That is a question many people who live an active lifestyle have, whether they are simply someone who jogs two or three times per week or someone that is active in competitive sports. This question comes about due to the many different types of “massage” and massage practitioners who possess different skills and experience. A practitioner of sports massage is an ideal choice to treat injuries as well as a source of information about how to maintain the overall health of muscle and connective tissue. This preventive therapy addresses range of movement, muscle symmetry, muscle tone and balance of muscle.

A specialty of a Sport Massage Therapist is the manipulation of soft tissue in order to:

Reduce pain
Release tension
Restore range of motion
Promote good muscle condition

These improvements are achieved via a range of techniques. When analyzing and treating a person’s injury or symptoms, a Sport Massage Therapist studies root causes carefully as an injury to one part of the body may be connected to another. Some of these areas can seem strange to work on given the specific case scenario, however a Sport Massage Therapist will explain the reasons to you.

What is the difference between Sports Massage Therapy and other types of massage therapy?

Sport Massage Therapists incorporate stretching into their massage therapies. For example, during a deep tissue massage, the therapist moves the patient’s limbs in order to access a particular muscle. By contrast, during sports massage therapy, the therapist may include a stretch of the muscle.

If a person wants to increase the length of his or her muscles, he or she has to actively use muscles while stretching with the help of a therapist. Doing this increases the muscle’s power as well. Shorter muscles are less powerful than longer ones and can negatively influence the body’s posture. Sports massage is for people who want to be physically active and who expect the most from his or her body.

What type of formal training does a Sports Massage Therapist have?

A Sport Massage Therapist completes a massage therapy program which usually take less than one year to finish. There are industry organizations such as the Sports Massage Therapy Organization who can answer any questions about Sport Massage Therapist training.

Does a Sports Massage Therapist use any medical instruments?

He or she may carry a ‘”doctor bag” of medical tools. These may include light exercise equipment and vibrating massage equipment that helps stimulate blood flow in muscles. The Sport Massage Therapist will know which if right for your condition.

Are there benefits to sports massages?

Sports massage benefits include alleviation of pain that occurs in various parts of the human body. Sports massage was developed to assist athletes in preventing and injuries and reducing pain from them. Both athletes and non-athletes can benefit physiologically and psychologically from sports massage therapy.

One of the many benefits of sports massage is the prevention of delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS. According to a report by American College of Sports Medicine, this condition typically begins 12 to 24 hours after the strenuous exercise is finished. DOMS sufferers may experience the most pain between 24 and 72 hours after the physical activity is done. Sports massage therapy prevents DOMS by encouraging blood flow throughout the body, thus preventing muscle fatigue.

Sports massage therapy can also help a person manage stress. During a massage, a person’s body releases endorphins which act as natural pain relievers. What is less well known is that endorphins help to reduce anxiety, improve mood and improve a person’s overall emotional state.

Can I get a Sports Massage in Sacramento?

Yes! Sacramento is home to many people who live an active life style, and for this reason it is easy to find a clinic that offers this treatment. Active Body Work conducts business out of the Elite Spinal and Sports Care clinic on Hallmark Dr.

What is Active Bodywork?

Active Body Work is the Sports Massage clinic conveniently located in Sacramento. Primary Sport Massage Therapist, Todd Neider, has continuously learned and developed his therapeutic skills. Todd became passionate about Massage Therapy after suffering various sports related injuries himself. These injuries and therapies introduced him to what would become his passion, after he graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy. If you want a Sacramento Sports Massage, get the best at Active Bodywork.

Active Bodywork Injury & Sports Therapy offers a comprehensive range of services, all tailored to your unique needs. With our specialized therapy services, we improve physical performance of athletes by reducing inflammation, improving flexibility, and removing scar tissue. Our team of therapy specialists can help people recover from sports-related injuries, workplace injuries, poor posture, repetitive motion injuries, and many other injury types, no matter the cause. We are the premier provider of massage and neurokinetic therapy in the Sacramento area, and we stand ready to help you recover through the use of bodywork and treatment options. For people in Sacramento and surrounding communities, the experts at Active Bodywork can help you lead pain-free, active lives. Active Bodywork is proud to offer the following services:


We will remove scar tissue and improve your mobility and body function.


We will apply precise pressure and movement to help release your muscle and pain.


Applying tape to help your body function optimally.


Assessing and providing a treatment plan for your injury or pain.


We help turn on muscles that have been shut off.


Through long deep passes we will bring back your bodies alignment.


Movement with pressure will release your soft tissue and relieve pain.


We can get you ready for a sporting event. Keeping you healthy training and recovering.


Finding the right spots that are putting you in pain.


RockTape turns down the volume on pain.


Maintenance massage is the most popular type of massage in the United States.