Stretching Sessions

Reconnect with your range of motion

Deepen your knowledge & awareness of your body, muscles, & movements through repetitive stretching and strengthening

The primary obstacle to increasing your flexibility is combating tightness surrounding the muscle, fascia, and the joint. Proper stretching can play a very important role for increasing flexibility, enhancing athletic performance & rehabilitation, and promoting overall wellness.

Stretching Sessions make use of employing full range of motion, contracting and strengthening targeted muscles, while stretching opposing muscles. By simultaneously utilizing this strength and stretch training, we’ll develop long lasting muscle elasticity and re-establish healthy range of motion.

Repetition of specific movements is knows to activate and invigorate our circulatory, respiratory, and neuromuscular systems. Gentle, supported stretching movement can reset and flush the connecting systems, which is known to help alleviate many symptoms of stress and pain.

We can restore increased elasticity and strengthen your muscles, tendons, fascia and ligaments by
working with you to stretch your muscles, joints and trouble areas. For more information on the benefits of stretching, schedule your recovery time today.

Known benefits of Active Bodywork’s Stretching Sessions include:

  • Improved athletic agility and reduced muscle tension
  • Reconnection with your natural, healthy range of motion
  • Reduce the risk of injuries by maintaining flexibility
  • Improve circulation by flushing lingering lactic acid
  • Refresh your system and feel the nourishing effects

Ready for your Stretching Session?

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  • 85 minutes Stretching Session : $115
  • 55 minutes Stretching Session : $90

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"...the kind of bodywork I need does not come with slippery lavender creams and oily feet. Instead, it comes with other-worldly, freakishly powerful Todd thumbs, elbows, and forearms. It comes with swearing and some tears, but in the end, I get relief and can get on with my life and my own work. ...Read More

Mirjana M.

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