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Get to know the professionals who’ll keep your training on track


Todd Neider, Owner


Himself an athlete, Todd was introduced to massage therapy after having suffered various sports-related injuries of his own. Todd graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2005 and started his own practice in 2008. He is a certified Master ART Provider and a “full body” ART practitioner, and he holds certifications in Rock Tape, AIM, RB, NKT, SFMA, and MC. A lifelong athlete, Todd is currently a triathlete, a half marathon runner, and a 100-mile bike race rider. His long-lasting love for sports has been supported by his access to massage therapy.


Sandra Cruces, CMT

Manual Therapist

Hometown: Stockton, CA

Her Story: Sandra is known to be one of the toughest therapists at the Arden-Arcade location. She graduated in Massage Therapy studies from Carrington College and loves meeting new clients to improve their health.

Fave Way to Stay Active: Hot Pilates and running.


Michelle Gibbons

Manual Therapist

Hometown: Gardnerville, NV

Her Story: Michelle grew up hiking, snowboarding, and taking full advantage of the outdoors in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Her love of the outdoors and active lifestyle has led her across the world on adventures and into her massage career.

Fave Way to Stay Active: Yoga, hiking, weight training, and rock climbing.


Ruby Oates, CMT, RT

Manual Therapist

Hometown: Stockton, CA

Her Story: Ruby graduated from Carrington College. Her passion is helping people better their lives and being the best they can be. Ruby has recently became a new mommy, loves spending time with loved ones, and traveling with her hubby and now growing family

Fave Way to Stay Active: Working out and teaching pilates!


Courtney "Kitt" Lewis

Manual Therapist

Hometown: Yuma, AZ

Her Story: Courtney started as a pre-med student before transitioning into Neuromuscular Therapy. She has never looked back since as she found her passion in massage. She loves getting outdoors and trying new things. She loves riding bikes and being with nature. When she visits Arizona she enjoys spending time with her two horses Bunny and Blue.

Fave Way to Stay Active: Courtney loves bouldering and swimming at the river and believes it is fun and beautiful for everyone.


Cathy De Luna Ambriz

Manual Therapist

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Her Story: Cathy was raised in a very traditional Mexican-American home, centered around food and family. She loves learning people’s’ life stories and going on road trips. She loves food and is always on the lookout for recipes to cook and restaurants to try.

Fave Way to Stay Active: Walking her dog, going to the gym, fishing, and going on hikes.


Fabian Hernandez

Manual Therapist

Hometown: Colusa, Ca

His Story: Fabian's background in Health and Wellness for over 10 years has been his driving force to aid others in need. Fabian believes everyone deserves the same great care, and that pain is not a lifestyle. Fabian dedicates his off time to researching and helping others as much as he can. He also takes pride in his understanding of assessments and special test to give the best result in a session.

Fave Way to Stay Active: Weights are his thing at the gym or home; cardio is hit or miss. Fabian looks up to his clients for active inspiration and is all ears for suggestions!


William Myers

Manual Therapist

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

His Story: William has been a competitive athlete since the age of three and has used deep body work to help train and compete. Now as a professional cyclist and body worker he can use his years of experience to help people return to a pain free active lifestyle.

Fave Way to Stay Active: Cycling is William's main activity but you can also find him practicing Muay Thai or hiking with his dog.


Rhiannah Talley

Massage Therapist

Hometown: Oakland, Ca

Her Story: A current a Kinesiology student at Sacramento State, Rhiannah uses her education to supplement her education from the National Holistic Institute. She has been massaging for over 5 years now and in her spare time loves DIY projects and reading.

Fave Way to Stay Active: Hot Yoga


Lara Spence

Massage Therapist

Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

Her Story: Lara graduated from The National Holistic Institute and is extremely passionate about the body and its ability. Coming from a background in professional contemporary dance, Lara loves that she is now in a position to use her knowledge from a very active lifestyle to assist healing. She believes that having maximum range of our facility allows for a pain free lifestyle. A body in motion stays in motion!

Fave Way to Stay Active: Hot yoga and dance. Nothing like a contemporary or ballet class to stay fit and healthy!


Janice Garcia

Vibe Manager

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Her Story: As a dancer in college and a graduate in Nutrition Studies, Janice has honed a substantial awareness of the body. She hopes to support the therapists with her background and get to know all of ABW's awesome clients along the way. Make sure to say “hello” to her when Active Bodywork is massaging at an event or even at both offices!

Fave Way to Stay Active: Dancing, walking around Midtown Sacramento, and stretching while playing video games.


Julie Ballesteros

Front Desk

Hometown: Sacramento, California

Her Story: Julie loves collecting records, listening to oldies, and being surrounded by her friends. She enjoys and spends her most of her time with her family. She is friendly and enjoys meeting new and different people.

Fave Way to Stay Active: Julie likes to rollerblade, play soccer, going on walks with her dog and hiking.


Caitlin Dutra

Front Desk

Hometown: Fremont, CA

Her Story: Caitlin loves getting outside and doing anything active! Her athletic background has introduced her to tons of different physical activities and she loves to find and try different ones when she can! She's outgoing and loves to spend time with and meet new people!

Fave Way to Stay Active: Running, indoor cycling, and playing with her dogs on sunny days.

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