Neurokinetic Therapy

What is Neurokinetic Therapy?

Neurokinetic Therapy is a special form of manual therapy that combines manual muscle testing and motor control theory. Motor control theory states that the cerebellum, considered the motor control center of the brain, coordinates all patterns of the body. This is directed by the cerebral cortex and limbic system to create learned movement patterns. An example of a learned movement pattern is when a child learns to walk. This system also learns to substitute movement patterns when the body is injured. If a muscle is inhibited, the brain’s motor control center will find a substitute muscle to ensure the function is performed. However, there is usually dysfunction and pain when the new learned pattern continues to be performed. Research shows that when the body fails to perform a function, the motor control center in the brain is open to new learning for about 30 to 60 seconds. Through manual muscle testing we can find muscles that are dysfunctional or weak in relation to other muscles. Neurokinetic therapy is an excellent option in manual therapy and rehabilitation because it identifies the cause of dysfunction and pain while also correcting it quickly and without much pain.

Can This Therapy Help Me With Back Pain?

Low back pain can originate from a range of issues like:

 • Poor posture

 • Bad ergonomics

 • Obesity

 • Lifting heavy objects

 • Constipation.

Muscle tightness in the low back can also be the result of muscles compensating for weaker abdominal muscles. Sometimes the hips are also affected and are actually sitting at different heights or twist. This is also due to muscle imbalance. Other issues, such as pain across the top of the buttocks and back, could indicated a sacroiliac joint strain. Neurokinetic Therapy is a special system that works to correct these types of problems. Sometimes the patient may be requires to wear support belts at the beginning of the treatment. Those who desire back spasm relief should talk to an expert about the right type of physical therapy for back pain.

Why Should I Choose Active Bodywork For Back Pain Relief?

Active Bodywork offers a team that specializes in helping all types of athletes, from the power walker to the IronMan competitor. We offer a range of specialized therapies that are focused on keeping our clients free of injury. We want you to enjoy quality training and workouts to achieve the body and fitness level you want. Our team is compiled of sports massage therapists and athletes who have a full understanding of your concerns. We also possess the knowledge, training and experience to help you. Our team does not provide a standard massage. Rather, we support you as an individual who has individual needs.

The team at Active Bodywork can help with a range of issues including:

 • Reducing inflammation

 • Removing scar tissue

 • Increasing your endurance

 • Diminishing fatigue

 • Improving flexibility

With a combined 20 years of experience as well as National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCTMB) certification, the team at Active Bodyworks can provide you with the guidance and help you need. We have the training and knowledge to identify your individual issues as well as support the active lifestyle you want.

Active Bodywork will help you maximize movement by teaching you to work with your body. You can restore mobility through concentrated and specialized bodywork and treatment. Each client typically finds that their movement is restored and they are pain free after therapy.

The team at Active Bodywork fully believes in improving your overall quality of life. Chronic pain, movement limitation and other issues will cause you to not fully enjoy your life the way you want to. Let our sport massage therapists and trainers discover what is wrong and what we are can do to physically improve it. Active Bodywork can help you heal your body so you are able to live life to the fullest.