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We like to tailor our massages according to your needs. Our Deep Tissue massage helps anyone with chronic pain — that one sore spot that’s been nagging you forever — and upper body pain. Sports Massages benefits those who are active, in the middle of a training regimen, or that have a big sporting event coming up. Advanced Therapy is best suited for those who have experienced previous injuries and need intense relief.

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Whatever you’d like! We suggest everyone dress down to their comfort level. We can work with you in your work out clothes, your favorite yoga pants, or even over a t-shirt! If you’re comfortable with dressing down, you will always be draped with a sheet.

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Some people experience some discomfort due to waking up some muscles, but, as we like to say, “you’ve gotta get in some pain to get out of your pain.” That being said, you can always let your therapist know whether to increase or decrease their pressure. We want you to feel good, not hurt!

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At the beginning of the appointment, you and your massage therapist will discuss what you’d like addressed during your massage in the treatment room. They’ll give you some privacy to dress down however you need and have you get on the table as instructed by your therapist. Once you’re ready, your therapist will re-enter the room and start your massage!

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Anyone from the night-time jogger or the morning yogi to the state worker, the occasional dancer, and the weekend warrior is welcome to come get a massage. Everyone experiences pain, and everyone deserves a massage!

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We do! Please make sure to have your Health/Flex spending account card with you at checkout so we can provide an invoice for you to send for reimbursement.

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