Deep Tissue Massage

What is a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue or deep muscle massage is a type of massage therapy that concentrates on realigning the deeper layers of a patient’s muscles with their connective tissue. Deep tissue massage is particularly beneficial to those people suffering from chronic pain and have contracted areas, such as a stiff neck and upper back pain, leg muscle soreness, or sore shoulders. It is often recommended by doctors as an alternative to other forms of treatment. Using deep finger pressure as well as slow, measured strokes, deep muscle massage treats a variety of ailments.

Deep tissue massage helps the patient by physically breaking down bands of rugged tissue called adhesions which can be very painful. To break down the adhesions, a therapist may use some type of massage oil to help relax the muscle. Relaxing the muscle is necessary for successful deep muscle massage. This type of massage is not entirely pain free. Some recipients report soreness during and after the massage session, and a massage therapist can recommend some non-prescription therapy such as heat/ice and over-the-counter pain killer. Pain from deep muscle massage typically subsides after a day.

What is the difference between deep tissue massage and other types of massage?

The two main types of massage related to sports and exercise are deep tissue massage and sports massage therapy. Deep tissue massage is primarily intended for treatment of injury. Deep tissue back massage and deep tissue neck massage are among the most common forms of this type of massage. Most people who seek deep muscle massage are people who suffer chronic pain, like that from a back injury or from repetitive muscle use as in the case of carpal tunnel syndrome or Tennis elbow.

The other main type of exercise-related massage is the Sports Massage Therapy. By contrast to deep tissue massage, sports massage therapy is intended to lengthen and increase strength of the patient’s muscle, as well as to improve its range of motion.

Swedish massage, a common term, is a variety of massage therapy techniques that release tension via applied pressure to a person’s surface muscles. This form of massage is helpful in reducing emotional strain and tension that can add to your neck pain.

Neck pain is among the most common reasons people seek medical treatment. In fact, 40 to 70 percent of people report significant neck and back pain at some point during his or her life. The good news is that you do not have to allow your neck pain to become a real and constant problem. Deep tissue neck massage techniques help you to manage pain. This is even true if you suffer from neck pain well after a neck injury occurred.

Are there any benefits to deep tissue massage?

Yes. Deep muscle massage acts as an effective and log-term reliever of pain. The University of Maryland reported that deep tissue massage is a more effective and affordable method of relieving chronic pain than are many conventional medical remedies. Since deep muscle massage increases flow of blood throughout the patient’s body, it reduces inflammation resulting from pain. Deep tissue massage can alleviate muscle tension, which is a common side effect, by loosening tight tissue clusters.

Deep muscle massage also eases stress and tension; this relief can have a positive effect on blood pressure. People who have had a deep tissue massage reported a reduction in their systolic pressure; sometimes by more than 10.4 mm Hg while their diastolic pressure dropped an average more than 5 mm Hg. Deep muscle massage may help increase the patient’s body’s ability to produce serotonin, which is the hormone responsible for happiness and good feelings.

Are there any risks associated with deep tissue massage?

Deep muscle massage is generally very safe, however as with any medical treatment or therapy, it is important to know as much as you can before proceeding. There are some basic points to remember:

 •You should not have any deep massage if you suffer from osteoporosis, have had blood clots, varicose veins or any type of skin inflammation

 •You should not have any type of massage if you have currently have an infection such as a rash or any contagious sickness

Can I get a deep tissue massage in Sacramento?

Yes! In fact, Sacramento’s Active Body Work, located at 2045 Hallmark Dr., conducts business out of the Elite Spinal and Sports Care clinic. Active Body Work offers Sacramento deep muscle massage for people in and near the city. The clinic’s Primary Sports Massage Therapist, Todd Neider, continuously learns and develops his sports-medicine skills. Todd first became passionate about massage therapy after he himself suffered sports related injuries. Injuries and related therapies introduced Todd to what is now his passion. Todd received his training from the Utah College of Massage Therapy and can help alleviate your pain.

Active Bodywork Injury & Sports Therapy offers a comprehensive range of services, all tailored to your unique needs. With our specialized therapy services, we improve physical performance of athletes by reducing inflammation, improving flexibility, and removing scar tissue. Our team of therapy specialists can help people recover from sports-related injuries, workplace injuries, poor posture, repetitive motion injuries, and many other injury types, no matter the cause. We are the premier provider of massage and neurokinetic therapy in the Sacramento area, and we stand ready to help you recover through the use of bodywork and treatment options. For people in Sacramento and surrounding communities, the experts at Active Bodywork can help you lead pain-free, active lives. Active Bodywork is proud to offer the following services:


We will remove scar tissue and improve your mobility and body function.


We will apply precise pressure and movement to help release your muscle and pain.


Applying tape to help your body function optimally.


Assessing and providing a treatment plan for your injury or pain.


We help turn on muscles that have been shut off.


Through long deep passes we will bring back your bodies alignment.


Movement with pressure will release your soft tissue and relieve pain.


We can get you ready for a sporting event. Keeping you healthy training and recovering.


Finding the right spots that are putting you in pain.


RockTape turns down the volume on pain.


Maintenance massage is the most popular type of massage in the United States.