Sports Massage And the 21st Century Athlete


With the new 21st century shift of active lifestyles going on it is imperative that sports massage becomes an integral part of your lifestyle. The failure of the 20th century to provide health and wellness has created a paradigm shift in the way that people see fitness. For example, people are empowering themselves by engaging in athletic activities, eating a more whole natural foods diet, and integrating holistic concepts in health and lifestyle, like sports massage.

The old paradigm lifestyle of the 20th century emphasized that; people should work hard, sacrifice their quality of life and personal and family relationships for immediate success in the work field. That they should eat processed and fast food, and rely on the medical system for health. In essence, a stressful life is a normal life. That yields results in the work force but it requires a lot of sacrifice and lowering one's quality of life. Fitness, wellness and longevity for most people was not being fulfilled during the 20th century.

The new 21st century paradigm lifestyle concentrates on the individual empowering themselves and taking a proactive approach to health and wellness. People are taking the right steps to a better, more fulfilled life. Whether it be by eating a more natural foods diet or engaging in more physical activities, they are making it their priority to invest in their health and wellness. Simply, by driving down the road early on a Saturday morning, you can see waves of people walking, jogging, or cycling on the side of the road. Although, being physically active requires a maintenance level in order to stay active and not injured on the sidelines.

More physical demands on the body equals a higher probability of muscle injuries, overuse, fatigue, and a loss of range of motion for example. It is imperative that you take care of your body and keep it in pristine condition in order to stay physically active. That is where sports massage comes in. By receiving bodywork on a regular basis it helps your body; increase your performance, enhance blood circulation to relieve muscle tension, decrease muscular pain, increase range of motion and flexibility, break up scar tissue, increases body awareness, speeds up recovery, and improves your overall wellbeing. By receiving sports massage regularly, you are setting yourself up for success by preventing injuries and staying active in your daily activities.

Whether you are a professional athlete or a novice to the health and fitness community, sports massage will help you on your journey. By receiving sports massage on a frequent basis, you will benefit from an enhanced sports performance. It will also decrease muscle stiffness and soreness after workouts, and promote relaxation. Most importantly, it will prevent muscle injuries from occurring. That means you can spend more time active and enjoying your daily routine instead of recovering and/or rehabbing an injury. With the rise of health and fitness, it is incumbent that you choose your physical activities and your massage therapist wisely. They will become integral in your active lifestyle. Stay active my friends.

George Martinez, CMT

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