Sacramento, CA — With over twenty years experience and 2,000 hours of instruction, its easy to see how the professionals at Active Bodywork are using their healing hands to relieve chronic pain experienced by athletes, as well as non-athletes. They specialize in helping their clients recover from workplace or sports injuries, deal with chronic pain issues, and recover from events. They offer a variety of services, including neurokinetic therapy, myofascial release, structural integration, fascial movement taping, rocktape, injury treatment, pregnancy massage, sports massage, deep tissue massage, and more.

Deep tissue massage, one of their specialties, focuses on the deeper levels of a patient’s muscle and connective tissue. This type of massage is especially beneficial to people who suffer from chronic pain, injury-related pain, stiff neck, painful upper back, or leg muscle soreness. By getting down deep into the muscle, the therapist can get to the core of the injury and promote healing at a cellular level. Deep tissue massage is recommended for athletes who are attempting to recover after a trauma or intense training regimen. Sports related injuries are common among endurance athletes, and deep tissue massage promotes the break down of adhesions to encourage healing.

Mark Tracer, avid marathon runner and triathelete, says, “After spraining my ankle last year during a 10k, it was a long road to recovery. Thanks to my therapist at Active Bodywork, I’m back competing again just a few months later, and better than ever.”

It is common for athletes to suffer from pain after a marathon or a cycling event, and deep tissue massage is the perfect therapy for this level of pain. In addition to healing from an injury, deep tissue massage can aid in injury prevention, improve performance, increase flexibility and increase vascular health for serious athletes, all of which can help prevent issues before they arise. The trained therapists at Active Bodywork meet with their clients, counsel them, and develop a personalized treatment plan to heal their specific issues.

About: The therapists at Active Bodywork have extensive training and experience, with over twenty years of patient care and 2,000 hours of instruction. They offer a variety of treatments and therapies that promote health and healing. Their main goal is to provide clients with comfort, aid in their healing, and help them live a life of health and happiness. They can help any athlete, from power walkers to IronMan competitors. In addition to athletes, they also extend their services to patients who have been injured on the job, people who suffer from chronic pain, women who would like to take a break from the everyday discomforts that pregnancy brings, or those looking for the mind-body health that massage promotes. To start your journey into pain-free living, call them today!

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