What can Active Bodywork do for you?

Deep Tissue Massage uses deep finger pressure and slow, measured strokes to realign the deepest layers of muscle and fascia, quickly and effectively relieving stubborn stiffness and pain. Therapists use their hands and muscle-relaxing oils to physically break down bands of adhesions that form deep in the muscle. This process is not entirely pain-free, but soreness generally subsides within 24 hours.

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Therapists that have been trained with additional skills and techniques will provide you with hyper-intense sessions, from applying specific pressure and tension in focused areas, to guiding range of motion and help work through scar tissue and elasticity. If you are looking for a more intensive, hyper-focused therapy session, Advanced Therapy will be your new go-to!

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Encompassing a wide range of techniques, Sports Massage is a preventive therapy that addresses a variety of issues, including muscle tone, balance, symmetry, and range of motion. Targeted therapies can reduce or relieve pain, release tension, restore range of motion, and promote general muscle health. The techniques used usually combine both stretching and massaging.

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